Nicedor Quality Assured

Arguably we were the first company in the industry to launch a true 2nd generation product, given that the first generation of door panels go back to the early 1980’s.

Tough-Tech was successfully developed in October 1999 to address the problems of cracking, bowing and delamination, something that the door panel sector has been plagued with for many years. Since then we have also adopted CoolSkin, a technology developed with 3D Laminates and their German engineering partners to make our door panels the very best in breed.

Our accessories have also come from companies who have considerable experience in the door market to ensure that the very highest standards we set in our door panels, are also reflected in the accessories that are available to compliment them.

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Now available in
24mm, 28mm, 36mm or 44mm panel depths.

100% Solvent Free Adhesives. Low environmental impact.

EPS does not and has never contained either CFCs [chlorofluorocarbons] or HCFCs [hydrochlorofluorocarbons] gases, which diminish the ozone layer and in addition is fully recyclable and no waste is created in its manufacture.


We offer an outstanding range of PVCu door panels colours